President Emeritus – Dr. Linda Recio

A successful educational consultant, Dr. Recio has held leadership positions in the educational arena for more than 30 years. School systems and state departments of education from across the United States have sought out her expertise and ability to deliver real-world solutions to state and local administrators.

In addition to serving as President Emeritus of Evergreen Solutions, Dr. Recio leads Evergreen's Education Consulting Practice, as she did for 15 years at another national consulting firm. Linda’s extensive experience in comprehensive school district management and performance reviews, school improvement planning, and strategic planning has led many public education clients to hire Evergreen Solutions for improvement projects.

Dr. Recio is familiar with school districts in many states, having directed studies in California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas. While at the Florida Department of Education, she was instrumental in developing the comprehensive audit criteria and data collection instruments utilized to conduct operational and managerial reviews in Florida's 67 school districts. She is also an experienced program administrator. During her 13-year tenure with FDOE, she administered several special statewide programs, including the Community Involvement and Training Program and the State Compensatory Education Program.

Following her 13-year career with FDOE, Dr. Recio joined the Leon County School System as the Executive Director of Planning and Policy Development, where she was responsible for the district's strategic plan, school board policies and administrative procedures, staff plan, interagency and legislative planning, grants administration, and program evaluation.

Dr. Recio holds a doctorate and a master’s degree in science education, both from Florida State University. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology and education from the State University of New York at Albany.

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President – Dr. Jeffrey Ling, CCP

Dr. Jeff Ling is a Certified Compensation Professional who has worked in the consulting field for more than 25 years and leads Evergreen's Human Resources Consulting Practice. He has developed highly successful human resources management solutions targeted at state and local government as well as higher education markets. Organizations from around the country have turned to his vast knowledge base to improve their ability to deliver. Specifically, his portfolio includes experience in research and evaluation, efficiency review, survey analysis, data management, survey and polling, risk analysis, change management, statistical modeling, and technology planning. He specializes in summarizing major alternatives for decision makers and providing viable recommendations.

Dr. Ling has been instrumental in creating, reviewing, and evaluating the methodology employed by Evergreen Solutions on all human resources engagements. In his professional work, he has interacted with over 400 clients from around the world working in the capacity of Project Principal and Director. His background and skill set make him uniquely qualified for assessing organizational critical needs and strategy. He is an expert in policy development and long-term planning.

Dr. Ling is renowned for his work in a variety of studies, including Management and Process Reviews, Strategic Planning, Compensation/Classification, Business Case Analysis, Staffing Studies, Market Research, Policy Development, Performance Evaluation, Gender/Race Audits, Change Management Studies, Employee Trainings, Satisfaction Surveys, and Strategic Planning.

Dr. Ling holds a Doctorate’s Degree from Florida State University in Political Science and is Executive Vice President of Evergreen Solutions, LLC. Jeff has taught at the College of Wooster, Florida State University, and Iowa State University. His areas of specialization included public management and operations, econometrics, and public sector service provision.

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Vice-President  – Nancy Berkley

Ms. Nancy Berkley is the Vice-President at Evergreen Solutions who has over 30 years human resources experience demonstrating a thorough knowledge of multiple HR disciplines including, recruiting and staffing, workforce planning and retention, on-boarding, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, employee leave administration, voluntary and in-voluntary employee separations, performance management, employee surveys, organizational design and development, organization effectiveness, employee learning, training, and development, employee records administration and retention, and awards and recognition programs. She has consistently enhanced organizational capability by integrating HR with strategic business planning, development and assessment. She has provided individualized executive coaching and led HR team development and high performance teams. She has led corporate change initiatives and built talent-rich organizations by strengthening people and integrating processes and has directed human resources in high-volume, transactional service organizations and high-level, consulting organizations. She has excellent conflict resolution, negotiation, and influencing skills.

Ms. Berkley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida State University.

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Director of Marketing  – Kelly Tucker

Ms. Kelly Tucker is the Director of Marketing for Evergreen Solutions. She has over 25 years of professional and consulting experience with various public and private organizations, including the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Executive Office of the Governor, Florida Senate, Florida Department of Corrections, Florida Commission on Offender Review, Leon County, City of Tallahassee, and the United States Tennis Association-Florida Section. Specifically, her expertise and project work fall into three main areas: marketing in the private sector; legislation, procedure, and policy assessment in the public sector; and the management of various aspects of Florida’s criminal justice system. Her involvement in marketing, planning, and development, and data analysis and interpretation, make her uniquely qualified to contribute to a variety of projects as well as lead Evergreen Solution’s marketing efforts. Ms. Tucker’s skills in marketing include event planning, technical writing, securing strategic partners, team development and coordination, informational material design, and business development. Her writing skills include the development of proposals and grants, assessment reports, marketing and promotional items, training and “how to comply” manuals, for various state, local, and private sector agencies.

Ms. Tucker has a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from Florida State University.

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Administrative Team

Administrative Assistant – Jacqueline Barnes

Jacqueline Barnes has more than 20 years of administrative and clerical experience, including supervising a large word processing department. She has also worked for the Florida Department of Education and a national public-sector consulting firm. Jacqueline has a far-reaching understanding of design, Internet, spreadsheet, and word processing software. Ms. Barnes oversees all purchasing, travel, accounts receivable, correspondence and communications, and scheduling for the Evergreen team.

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Consultant Team

Senior Consultant – Michael Misrahi

Mr. Michael Misrahi possesses an academic background in labor relations studies, which is coupled with professional experience analyzing qualitative data. His qualitative and quantitative skills are applied at Evergreen with regard to various analyses of human resources functions and operations. Mr. Misrahi’s compensation and classification consulting work with Evergreen includes: analyzing market survey data to create an analytical picture of where a given organization stands relative to the external market, focusing on competitiveness in compensation plans; working intricately with project managers and team members to create and conduct salary, benefit, and ERP-related surveys for client organizations; and utilizing job assessment tools to analyze the current state of a classification within an organization with respect to its pay, job description, and job title.

Mr. Misrahi has an MBA and an Undergraduate Degree in History from Florida State University.

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Consultant – Mark Holcombe

Mr. Mark Holcombe is a Consultant at Evergreen Solutions. He has spent extensive time studying both micro and macro-economic labor markets, public sector economics, and has studied econometric modeling for displaying and communicating data in an effective way. He has been using his economics background both in running a business and in consulting since graduation. His role with Evergreen has focused on compensation and classification studies utilizing market data. His primary responsibilities include: working closely with project teams and project managers in coordinating salary and benefit survey initiatives; evaluating market data from surveys, government agencies, and private sector databases to provide comprehensive reviews of compensation packages; and designing clear and concise reports and displays to communicate nuanced results.

Mr. Holcombe holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics with a concentration in Behavioral Economics and Criminology from Florida State University.

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Consultant – Samuel Wilburn

Mr. Samuel Wilburn is a former engineer who possesses a strong background in qualitative and quantitative analysis at the professional level. He is able to apply his knowledge and skills as a Consultant for Evergreen through various functions including: conducting market research and collecting compensation data, utilizing job assessment tools to analyze different job classifications, running regression analyses and recommending appropriate pay grades, editing job descriptions, and preparing performance evaluation files. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining project solution files which comprise of multiple alternatives geared toward bringing salaries to more market-competitive levels and their total cost estimates for implementation. In addition, Mr. Wilburn assists in preparing presentations and research reports for clients. Mr. Wilburn has an MBA with emphasis in Human Resources and a Bachelor’s of Science dual degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Florida State University. He also holds a Building Contractor’s license in the State of Florida.

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Consultant – Angele Yazbec

Dr. Angele Yazbec is a Consultant with Evergreen. She possesses a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Florida State University, and has a strong background in quantitative and qualitative analysis. She is able to apply her knowledge and skills as a Senior Analyst for Evergreen through various functions including: conducting market research and collecting compensation data, running regression analyses and recommending appropriate pay grades, and editing job descriptions.

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Consultant – Brad Brackins

Mr. Brackins is a Consultant at Evergreen Solutions. With his background in data analysis and public administration, he assists public organizations in navigating the unique human resources challenges that they face today. His experience at Evergreen Solutions includes conducting compensation and classification studies. He works closely with organizations to gather employee feedback and organizational data in order to evaluate their current situation. He also conducts market studies in order to evaluate competitiveness with peer organizations. Through his research and analytical skills, he is able to use this information to formulate customized solutions that help public sector clients improve their ability to recruit and retain high-quality employees.

Mr. Brackins has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida State University and Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida. .

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Senior Analyst – Tameka Richardson

Ms. Tameka Richardson is a Senior Analyst at Evergreen Solutions. She has over 15 years of experience providing services to federal, state and local governments and the private sector in performing accounting and procurement comparative analyses. Her experience includes research, auditing, statistical analyses of an organization’s accounting and purchasing data and procurement procedures, data collection and assessment. As a result of her extensive work in the area of research and data collection, she is proficient in the preparation of statistical reporting and in the analysis and interpretation of large data sets for various organizations.

Ms. Richardson has an MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

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Strategic Partners

Betty Ressel, Managing Partner, Ressel and Associates, LLC

Betty Ressel, CPA, is a Managing Partner of Ressel and Associates, LLC. She has participated in and managed 105 efficiency, performance, and academic audits conducted by the Texas Comptroller’s Office in school districts (100) and Higher Education Institutions (5), as well as reviews of state and local governmental agencies.

From 1993 to 2003, Betty served as the Director of the Texas School Performance Review (TSPR). As one of her first acts in that position, she envisioned and implemented several unique components to the reviews, including documented audit protocols and follow-up progress visits. While the notion of operational reviews was not new at that time, there were no documented processes or standards for conducting such reviews. The TSPR audit protocols for school districts and higher education institutions, which she authored and disseminated nationally after winning the 1999 Innovations in American Government Award, are now continually reviewed and improved to ensure consistency of approach relevancy when conducting a school review.

Betty is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive knowledge of school funding, financial management and school district investments. At the request of the Texas Legislature, she collaborated with a task force to write an investment and cash management guide, Banks to Bonds: A Practical Path to Sound School District Investing.

Mary Chambers, CPA

Dr. Mary Chambers holds a doctorate in educational leadership with a specialization in finance from the University of Florida. Last summer, she participated in the Oxford Round Table studying the Design of Leadership Practices for the Future of Public Education at the University of Oxford in England. Mary served more than 30 years in education and held positions such as superintendent, deputy superintendent, assistant superintendent, and director of various functions within the districts. She served two years as a legislative auditor for the Florida auditor general. Mary has performed management reviews and consulting services for businesses and districts nationwide. In 2003, she was recognized by Governor Jeb Bush as a Woman of Distinction. She has conducted more than 25 school district assessments.

Christy E. Noe, President/CEO Collaborative Educational Network, LLC

Dr. Christy Noe has extensive professional work experience in curriculum and instruction, Special Education, charter schools, and public policy. She has served as a classroom teacher, principal, district administrator, and founded her consulting firm in 2004.

Prior to her starting Collaborative Educational Network, she served as the state director of charter schools where she assisted the state of Florida Department of Education, school districts, and charter schools in the areas of operations, school improvement, governance, legal issues, and special education. She worked closely with the Florida Legislature in the development of laws related to charter schools and developed the first statewide accountability report in collaboration with the Department of Education and the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA). She has collaborated with many state departments of education, universities, and the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASSDSE), The Education Trust, and many other national organizations as a partner for school reform.

Dr. Noe has a comprehensive working knowledge of the state and federal compliance legislation related to education, including NCLB and IDEA and their impact on education systems.

Dr. Noe earned her Ph.D. in Instructional Technology with an emphasis on middle grades integrated curriculum from the University of Miami and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology—Health and Human Performance and a master’s degree in Physics, both from Auburn University. In addition, she is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.

Kim Cavanah, Executive Vice President Collaborative Educational Network, LLC

Dr. Kim Cavanah joined Collaborative Educational Network in 2011. Prior to her work as an independent consultant, she served as a Program Director in the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services. She was responsible for compliance monitoring of school districts; conducting complaint investigations regarding alleged violations of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) by school districts; oversight of IDEA due process hearings; and providing training and technical assistance to other state agencies and offices as well as school districts and families. Kim worked closely with FLDOE’s Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice, providing expertise and technical assistance regarding topics such as the McKay Scholarship Program for Students with Disabilities, ESE services for parentally placed private school students, and students with disabilities enrolled in charter and virtual schools.

Dr. Cavanah holds a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of South Carolina. She earned her Master of Education in Special Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Rhode Island College. Her career has included instructional and special education compliance positions in school districts in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Florida. In addition, she has served as Adjunct Faculty in Special Education at the University of South Carolina, Coker College, the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, and Furman University.

Legutko Global Enterprises, LLC

Lee and Susan Legutko are experienced consultants in school district operational effectiveness with specific emphasis in the areas of business and operational support. Their specific areas of expertise include budgeting, grants management, financial accounting, technology, cash management, payroll, asset management, purchasing and warehousing, accounts receivable/payable, human resources, contracting, and operational support areas such as food service and transportation. Their expertise and experience allow them to conduct comprehensive reviews of school district operations and methodically identify and implement best practice.

Mrs. Legutko has been a Chief Financial Officer for two Florida School Districts and an Executive Director of Grants Management for one of the largest school districts in the country. Mr. Legutko has been a Chief Business Officer for one of the largest school districts in the country and CFO in three Florida school districts. Combined, Mr. Legutko’s experience with public sector performance reviews has spanned over fifteen years. Due to his acclaim as a national expert in his field, Mr. Legutko was named to the National Performance Management Advisory Commission for the Public Sector in 2008. Both Lee and Susan have conducted advanced professional training in a variety of public school functional area activities. Furthermore, Lee and Susan are active National Budget Reviewers for the Association of School Business Officials’ Meritorious Budget Awards Program.

Patricia Davis, M.Ed.

Ms. Patti Davis has worked in small and large school districts. She has extensive experience conducting evaluations of education service delivery, as well as federal entitlement programs of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA). She has conducted detailed analysis of curricular and instructional delivery systems for all programs with an emphasis on Common Core Standards, school improvement, and student achievement. Ms. Davis has examined all aspects of general education, special education, and federal programs. The evaluation process included an analysis of relevant district data and documents, comparing CCSD with peer districts, state, and national data; and conducting on-site stakeholder interviews. She began her career teaching students with chronic and acute disabilities in prekindergarten through high school. During her years in various public school teaching and administration assignments, she contributed to district strategic planning, school improvement initiatives, and implementation and monitoring of special education programs and services. She was instrumental in designing a districtwide inclusive service delivery model for students with disabilities and a tiered student intervention model prior to referral for special education services.

Ms. Davis has served on the faculty of three state universities, including the University of Florida, College of Medicine; the University of West Florida, as the administrator and instructor for the dual major elementary/ special education pre-service training program; and the Florida State University, where she is currently serving as a member of the faculty. Ms. Davis serves as an education consultant to school districts and state education agencies throughout the United States. She has worked closely with Dr. Linda Recio in conducting district performance reviews, efficiency studies, special education audits, and curriculum and instruction studies.

She holds a Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision and Special Education from the University of Florida.

Warren R. Enterprises, LLC (WRE)

WRE is an MBE consulting firm in Burke, Va., dedicated to business practices that provide maximum benefit to clients. WRE President, Robert Warren, has more than 30 years in the public and private sector in operations, management, marketing, and supervision. He has conducted more than 25 reviews of school district transportation systems including those in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and the District of Columbia. WRE serves as the agent for Evergreen's Virginia office.

Dr. William "Bill" Piotrowski

Dr. Piotrowski is dedicated to the improvement of education and school business processes through the integration of technology and enhanced access to electronic resources - through the utilization of productivity/collaboration tools; by providing direct access to timely, tailored, and useful information for decision makers and managers at the student, classroom, school, and district levels; and by creating a community of anytime-anywhere learners linked to school, home, community, administrative, program, and global resources.

Dr. Piotrowski served as the Executive Director of Technology and Information Services for Leon County Schools; served as the Director of Student Assessment and Research for Leon County Schools; and has taught graduate classes on applied research, statistics, and systems and record security at Florida State University.

Business Information Services, LLC

Preston Smith, principal owner of Business Information Services (BIS), is a former Capitol Hill news reporter, database manager, and auditor. BIS consists of population projection professors, GIS analysts, data analysts, and programmers. For over seven years, BIS has provided demographic analysis to public school districts, including conducting GIS analysis for new building sites; developing more efficient bus routing; and assisting in bond and levy elections. Mr. Smith has completed 70 demographic studies and other projects for school districts in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Nicholas Educational Consulting (NEC)

Dr. Karen Rae Nicholas, owner and lead consultant for NEC, has extensive professional work experience in planning, developing, supervising, and implementing academic, support service, transition, and self-advocacy programs for students with disabilities. Karen is an educational consultant who specializes in conducting management and performance reviews, facilitating strategic planning, and conducting staff training for educational systems that provide special education programming within state education agencies and school districts across the United States. She has a comprehensive working knowledge of state and federal compliance legislation related to education — specifically the No Child Left Behind Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973and their impact on educational systems.

Thomas Maureau

Mr. Tom Maureau honorably retired as a Division Commander from the Tallahassee Police Department after 26 years of service. His experience with the force was wide ranging and included management of primary public safety technology projects and applications, management of the E911, Police and Fire Communications Center, Records Management Section, Property and Evidence Unit, Police Information Management Services, Criminal Intelligence Unit, Crime Analysis Unit, State Attorney Liaison Unit, and Criminal Investigations and Patrol. He also served as the Project Manager of public safety information technology projects and as the Public Safety liaison to numerous internal and external IT entities.

Mr. Maureau earned his MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix in 2007. He is a Certified Public Manager, and has experience as a Florida Registered Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic. In addition to other professional certifications, he has a bachelor's degree in Criminology from Florida State University.

Mr. Maureau is an experienced consultant who currently works for Windbourne Consulting, LLC. He works with national public service organizations and entities that support them, including the International Association of Chief's of Police (IACP) Law Enforcement Information Managers (LEIM) and various national and regional public safety Information Technology conferences. His professional profile includes the following experiences:

  • Executive management responsibility for over $20 million in public safety Information Technology projects
  • Extensive experience with the design, procurement, configuration, and implementation of numerous public safety IT applications and projects
  • Development of strategic and master technology plans, budget reports, cost analysis assessments, return on investment reports, staff assignments, and recurring maintenance of technology projects
  • Creation of policies, standard operating procedures, business processes, and CALEA accreditation standards

Carol Beers

Dr. Carol Beers has served Virginia’s school children in various educational capacities for more than 20 years. She has been a college professor, division reading supervisor, principal, and superintendent. Most recently, she served as the superintendent of Williamsburg-James City County Schools. There, she was responsible for an $85 million budget and 9,500 students.

Prior to becoming a superintendent, Carol served the division as the assistant superintendent for Academic Services. As such, she led efforts to develop elementary, middle, and high school standards; led the revision of the evaluation system for teachers; and led an effort to plan an extended school day for middle schools. In addition, Carol has served as an executive associate professor at The College of William and Mary. There, she was involved in curriculum training and the School Leadership Institute, which trains building administrators and superintendents.

Dr. Beers has provided consulting expertise to the National Bureau of Standards, the Virginia Department of Education, the Etobicoke Board of Education in Ontario, and the Toronto Ministry of Education, as well as several local school divisions in Michigan and Virginia.

Garry Gierlicz

Mr. Garry Gierlicz has over 25 years of human resources management experience with both public and private sector employers. Mr. Gierlicz has extensive work in compensation and benefits within large complex organizations. He has developed and communicated market based, point factor and broad band compensation systems. He has served as lead negotiator in public sector collective bargaining and has expertise in costing out the impacts of collective bargaining proposals for management. Mr. Gierlicz’s HR experience includes compensation, benefits, labor and employee relations, HRIS, risk management, training and development, performance management, organizational and leadership development, legal compliance and safety/security.

While President of Peoplematix International, Inc., Mr. Gierlicz designed training and organizational development initiatives for major corporations and governmental entities. Recently he was the project manager for the implementation of a new pay and class system for Martin County, FL.

Mr. Gierlicz has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from Loyola University in Chicago, IL and a BS in Government from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. He has taught compensation certification courses as an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.